RAW CHICKS events started in 2012 at RAW TEMPLE CLUB in Berlin-Friedrichshain, which at that time was a popular venue for electronic dance music. 'Why is it an all male line-up most nights?' We asked the owner of the Club. His response: 'I only know of few female artists. But if you know of some, I am happy to help you get started.' This is how RAW CHICKS nights came to be.


Over the last four years of our RAW CHICKS nights we creating an experimental platform for dj's, live acts and visual artists. We began with an all female line-up, but being convinced, to change the visibility of women in electronic music in a longer term, it needs to be a equal balance on stage. So since a few years we include male artists in our line-up's as well.


Our RAW CHICKS events ranges from all different styles of electronic music, from techno to house, dubstep, dnb, electronica, noise and ambient to the fields of new music, performance and some kind of weird stuff. Having a strong affinity on live acts, we decided to change our concepts of events. We created 'RAW CHICKS party' events - there are more like dancing events with DJ's, live act and visual artist and 'RAW CHICKS concert' events with only live acts, more like a concert situation.



WomEn in MUSIC